Chasing the Wind

18 Jun


It’s there. It’s always there. The nagging feeling that I don’t belong, that my words mean nothing, that my feelings are only good for a joke.

I’m there. I’m always there. Call me and I will come in an instant. I will let you tear my soul apart for a moment of delusional happiness. I will cuddle into your warm embrace and listen to your gentle words while you are preparing to break me into pieces. You are like poison to me. A poison I cannot resist.

You are… Where are you? Your words were drowned in the sound of train wheels gliding on the rails. Your warmth was taken away by the wind. You left me empty and longing for the next moment of sweet torture to fill the void in my heart.

Everything changes. I change. You change. Only one thing stays constant – your words imprinted on my mind.

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One response to “Chasing the Wind

  1. solskinn88

    20.07.2012 at 5:55

    thank you for your comment. It made me smile to picture you setting things straight for that guy who questioned your need for donuts. Keep on listening to your body, as you say – when our bodies sends out a message it does not have the intention to fool us.

    This post is very intriguing, yet the sadness pains me. Social relations are so complex, don’t you think? At times we meet people who touch our soul in such a way that we can not resist them, we need for them to be in our life.
    What I want to tell you is that you do belong in life. In this world. Your words are highly valued by me, as you continue to open up new aspects of life to me. In you I’ve found support, love and motivation to keep fighting.

    So, thank you for being you. You’re a wonderful and important person.


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