Black & White

15 Dec

The wandering is over. Although we have maybe the second worst trains in the world after those in India, I arrived home in one piece. This is everything we got of the promised “blizzard” and it was actually snowing in very few places so, as I expected, there wasn’t a single snowflake in my city. Well, at least my surprise was a success. Nobody expected to see me and they all looked happy. I may be a pain in the ass but I hope they are happy indeed.

I’ve been a busy bee since I arrived. So far I’ve decorated the whole house, cooked some crazy meals, been shopping for gifts with my brother and made my parents watch Christmas movies with me. I even made some of Katie’s 32C chocolate cups to win their hearts. I really did my best to be a good girl and make up for all holidays gone bad. I’m actually doing better than I expected. Chocolate unites people :) .

Well, my life is not a fairytale, although it would be nice if it were. My emotions have never been colorful. I see everything in black and white and most of the time when I try to balance them I end up with the calm but not so vibrant grey. This Christmas, however, I want to add more white to the picture and have fun as I haven’t been able to do it for years. I just need it because the thought that I probably won’t be able to go home for Christmas for the next 5 years is a little scary. So let there be white!

Huh, my emperor’s rice with surimi (faux crab) doesn’t look exactly white but cooking it for the family was fun and it was automatically sent to the category of white emotions. I wanted to cook something exotic and this black rice was the first exotic thing I saw in the supermarket. I immediately fell in love with it and started planning a special dinner. I had never cooked rice with white wine before but it turned out really delicious. Especially with a side of Chinese cabbage, grated carrot and mungo bean sprouts salad. My father didn’t look very delighted by the result because he is the biggest traditionalist at home but he appreciated my efforts so in the end in one way or another everyone was pleased with the dinner.

Day 6 of my very long vacation added some more white to the picture with the first real snow. It was freezing this morning but mum and I decided to play with the snow on the balcony before it melted. We made a little snowman and called it Yuki (the Japanese word for snow). I thought that a black pepper smile and a half eaten (by me, of course :) ) baby carrot nose was enough but mum wasn’t satisfied with the result. This girl had to be fabulous!

Some hair can do wonders :P . We made her pretty, arranged a blind date with a moose and since our fingers weren’t frozen enough we went out for a slippery walk because someone had a mobile phone bill to pay and decided to do it a.s.a.p. I could hear the snowflakes calling my name and I just needed a reason to grab my jacket and go out in the snow :) .

White, white, white. Why can’t it all be white? I wish chocolate, emperor’s rice and my new gloves were the only black things in my life but unfortunately it’s impossible. When the headline “A diet killed a girl” is everywhere in the news and the newsapers I inevitably get into trouble. A 14-year-old girl who died of meningitis after losing 15 kg in a month was the rain on my parade. It’s a sad story but it’s also a story that made my mother doubt me again. I was hauled over the coals and reminded that being the same weight at the age 24 as I was when I was 13 is absolutely unacceptable. But who decides what is acceptable? Not me obviously.  Nevermind. I am trying to act as if nothing has happened and enjoy the vacation as much as I can. Baking, joking, watching silly cartoons – I’m not asking for much. Just some peace.

That’s all for now in black and white. Maybe I will need some red and green too for a perfect Christmas but we’ll see :) .

What color is the perfect Christmas for you?


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5 responses to “Black & White

  1. Hedda

    15.12.2010 at 21:45

    You are wonderful. Regardless of weight – you are an amazing, magical and unique human being. But, to continue being so you must gain weight. We both must.
    Our parents will not relax unless we do, they look at us with so much love, and concern growing out of just that love. It is hard, bloody hard – it is a 24/ 7 job, but it will be worth it in the end. Not because weight gain secures happiness, but because it secures our future existence.
    And with a future the opportunity is there for your mind to experience the colours of the rainbow – not just black and white.

    Now, it seems like your meterologists are just as good to predict the weather as those in Norway :) They warn of lots of snow, and then …. no snow.
    Your sweet chocolate cups look delicious – maybe they can be used in international diplomacy? :D

    Love you – sending all my support your way <3

    PS : Why will you not be able to go home for Christmas for the next five years?

  2. tatiannalives

    16.12.2010 at 3:14

    I am so thrilled that you are home and enjoying the holidays with your family. Of course they were happy to see you, m’dear! White is indeed the best Christmas colour, not red or green :) It’s so pure and full of life, which is just what the holidays are about.

    I’m sorry you are experiencing some ed-related tension, but you have to know that your family just cares a lot about you. I know for me personally, headlines about anorexia and addiction problems seem to follow me around wherever I go, and my mom always seems to draw connections. It sucks, but I know it’s just because I am always on her mind. You can’t blame a mom for loving !

    I’m thinking of you, as always :)

  3. chocolate-covered katie

    16.12.2010 at 16:07

    LOL the snowman with hair! Too cute!
    Happy Holidays to a truly sweet, wonderful girl!! :)

  4. Sagojyou

    21.12.2010 at 5:39

    Hi! Thanks for coming to my blog! <3
    I hope your mother stops bothering you about your weight. But really, don't worry, because you know yourself the most, and if you know you're healthy, then you're fine :)
    I like the hair on the snowman! Super cute! <3
    Is the other language here Russian?? It's cool that you put up two languages (^^)

    • Albizia

      21.12.2010 at 13:01

      It’s Bulgarian but it’s similar to Russian. The more languages, the better. But you already know this :) .


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