Hug a Vegan

15 Nov

I love plants, yet I’m not a vegan. I’m not even a vegetarian but since it is the month of vegan food (the so called Vegan MoFo), I will dedicate this “Hug a Vegan” post to a special vegan in the blog world. If I could, I would really hug Katie because of her ability to always improve my mood, no matter how crappy it is. Thank you for your positivity and inspirational posts, Katie.

Unfortunately, I can’t hug Katie because the distance between Sofia and Texas is “only” 9663 kilometers or 6005 miles. Ouch! But I’ve seen coconut butter a million times on Katie’s blog and since I absolutely adore coconut, I think it’s a good substitute :) . I decided to finally ignore the price and the fear of pure fat and buy a jar of coconut bliss.

Isn’t it beautiful? It made my purse a little lighter but I think we are going to become best friends. I can’t wait to make vegan cookies or banana-coconut boatmeal with it. But I started with something more simple like hugging it ;) .

Am I huge or is it tiny? For the price I paid for it I’d rather think I am huge :D . But as tiny as it is, this jar made my day. I even laughed at the guy at the supermarket who, for some reason only he knew, tried to sell me a box of cigarettes along with the coconut butter. Really, how many people eat organic food and then have a smoking break? Nevermind :) .

I first tested my new friend on Katie’s coconut butter melties. I actually made only one with cocoa powder and mulberry molasses but it was soooooooo good that if I had  made more, I would have eaten them all at one sitting. That’s why I didn’t :P.

Then it was time for the real deal – homemade chocolates which were actually Katie’s 32C Chocolate Cups but made in ice cube trays. I made a very small batch again because I wasn’t sure I would be able to take them out of the ice cube trays in one piece. Well, it worked out (almost) perfectly and now I know what my father will get for Christmas this year. This:

I used dark culinary chocolate and made two with coconut butter, two with peanut butter and one with apricot jam. Only the last one broke because the jam didn’t harden in the fridge. Lesson learned. They still look pretty good :) .



I followed the only rule and had lots of fun vegan style thanks to Katie’s irresistible recipes. Being vegan isn’t bad at all, is it? And it’s never too late to hug a vegan :) .




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6 responses to “Hug a Vegan

  1. Chocolate-Covered Katie

    15.11.2010 at 18:08

    Wow oh wow oh wow oh my goodness! Ok, first of all, you are gorgeous. Do you know that? And your chocolates are gorgeous too. They are SO perfect! So so perfect.
    LOL that IS one tiny jar of coconut butter :).

    You are such a sweetheart and I feel so blessed to know you through the blogworld. And who knows, maybe we will meet in person one day! I would feel so lucky to meet you!

    • Albizia

      15.11.2010 at 18:14

      I was just going to send you the link and you’ve already commented. That’s what I call fast reactions :) . I’m glad you liked it. And I would be very pleased to meet you, too.

  2. tatiannalives

    15.11.2010 at 18:30

    Wow those looks so cool! I don’t have Katie on my blog roll.. but I am off to recipe search because I need a use for MY jar of coconut butter. I really don’t like it on it’s own (I’m not a coconut fan, so I’m not even really sure why I bought it :o).

    Can I just say you look absolutely BEAUTIFUL in that photo!? Oh my gosh, the lighting, your hair, your skin.. everything! Seriously, you are shining from the inside out (Although if I’m not being too forward, a little more meat on you wouldn’t be a bad thing at all :P).

    Thinking of you!

    • Albizia

      15.11.2010 at 19:43

      Oh, Tat, you are so nice! Thank you! *blush* I hate the way my hair looks but I am flattered by your compliment :) .

      Maybe you bought the coconut butter out of curiosity? I also wouldn’t eat it on its own but I think it will be great for bakery. And I already know it’s the perfect filling for chocolates. I’m sure you’ll find the recipe for you.

  3. healthyexposures

    16.11.2010 at 4:09

    You’re gorgeous girl! And rockin’ the coconut butter. Those chocolates are beautiful!


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