Food for Life

23 Sep

“Lunch? No, thanks.”

This is a slogan I saw on a poster advertising soletti. Cool, huh? I am not sure that about 200 kcal of pure carbs are a good substitute for real lunch. Well, it’s not like women today eat real lunch. Something like this maybe:

Scrambled eggs, red peppers, cheese, savory – real food. No. Women today have a coffee for breakfast, a bag of crackers for lunch and a salad for dinner (while men do burgers). No wonder I feel like a model of gluttony. The amounts of food I eat are enormous compared to this. Come on, I used to eat more even when I was restricting. I know that everyone is different but this isn’t normal for anyone. And do you know what’s really confusing about this? Women who survive on crackers look healthier than me. Most of them are at a healthy BMI and have their periods coming. I. don’t. get it.

A friend yesterday told me I should eat more. Her boyfriend was concerned about me being anorexic. Eat more. It’s easy to say. I just conquered the fear of eating my whole portion in the canteen (well, if it’s served, eating it all doesn’t mean I am stuffing myself, right?) .  I don’t think I am ready to proceed to eating two portions. Especially when I see how other girls throw their meals away without thinking twice (Why on earth do you buy a meal if you don’t want to eat it? There are people who would kill for the meal you throw in the garbage). Actually, I do eat more. Breakfast, anyone?

I eat my favorite banana sandwiches before sunrise. Rye bread, nutella, peanut butter, coconut, oats, fresh banana. Amazing as always. This morning I even drank a cup of goat’s milk (thanks to the friend mentioned above) with the rest of the banana from the sandwich mashed in it. Does anyone I know eat such a breakfast? No. When I posted a picture of a banana sandwich on my facebook wall a few months ago, someone asked me a very “tactful” question: “Aren’t you afraid this is going to make you fat?”. It obviously didn’t make me fat. But after this question I was afraid of banana sandwiches for a while and moved them from breakfast to lunch or dinner which helped my weight drop even more.

Food equals life. Without proper nutrition life is just a shadow of what it could be. No energy, no strength, no will to live. It is not the life I want. The only good thing about it is the feeling  of determination and control. I used to be proud of my self-control but there was nothing to be proud of in the look of my mom when she saw me this summer. I could read disappointment and confusion in her eyes. I bet she was wondering if she should send me to a doctor or directly shoot me without asking questions. She didn’t do any of these but I don’t ever want to see this look again. So food and I must become friends again.

I don’t mind being friends with this batch of Saturday night divas.
This is my version of Super Charge Me! cookies with two new tiny alterations. This time I made them with rye flour and used peanut butter instead of tahini (multiple jars of nut butters in the pantry are not in my category so I only have one).

Cookies are better friends than hunger and, without a doubt, better than people who never care. Cookies make me smile and give me energy to jump as high as possible everytime I try to reach the stars. Self-control doesn’t involve guilt but it doesn’t give me anything else either.

There is something very wrong with our society. What do we get from tolerating misery? Why is every woman proud to have tried every single diet under the sun? When are we going to realize that we need to treat our bodies well if we want them to still function when we get old? Or should I say “IF we want to get old”?

I realize it. And yet, my body doesn’t function properly. I know it hates me for being a bad owner who attempts to destroy it while mimicing other people’s behavior. I must prove it somehow that it can trust me again. What about some more treats?

A variation of Katie’s banana hammock, a cookie, some banana chips. Or plums, peaches, cereal crackers, homemade meals… No, it still doesn’t trust me. But I hope it will if I continue to respect it. I won’t be fashionably hungry anymore and I won’t listen to people who judge every bite I eat.

I need food to live. And so does everybody else.

Soletti for lunch? No, thanks.


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12 responses to “Food for Life

  1. Chocolate-Covered Katie

    23.09.2010 at 16:43

    Beautiful post! (And oh yeah, beautiful banana sammie, too hehe)

    • Albizia

      24.09.2010 at 20:10

      Thanks for the nice comment. And, of course, thanks for all great ideas you share in your blog :) .

  2. tatiannalives

    23.09.2010 at 17:00

    Wow… I love this!
    I specifically love the term ‘fashionably hungry’, because it describes most of society these days. I can relate to so much of this, even in my own home. My mother will often skip breakfast, and then have an apple for lunch… meanwhile she tells me that I need to eat more when I already have 5-6 meals every day. What gives?

    All of your food does look amazing :) I especially love the look of that lunch.. holy wow! <3 Tat

    • Albizia

      24.09.2010 at 20:24

      You must cook more often for your family. Like those irresistible stuffed peppers. Then your mother won’t skip a meal ;) .

  3. Hedda

    23.09.2010 at 20:57

    You leave me lost for words, my friend.
    This post should be published, it is important. Your words are so strong and filled with an incredibly important message.
    What are we actually doing to our bodies when dieting? What will the consequences of a generation trying to fit into one general ideal? One size does not fit all.

    Food is our guarantee for keep living, and it can give us so much. Food has the ability to make us stronger, more passionate, glowing. Real food. Enough food to satisfy our needs. If we listen to our bodies we’ll be at a weight and shape our bodies are happy with. Safe with. Because Nature intended us to be a specific shape, and it sure meant for us to eat. We are not to feel guilty about eating, we are to feel pride by nourishing our body and soul. Because that are acts made out of love and respect for something very precious, our bodies.

    Thank you for this post, my friend. You are a strong and beautiful person, please continue to eat. The world needs you.

    • Albizia

      24.09.2010 at 20:14

      Yes, one size cannot fit all. Especially tall girls like us ;) .

      Have a great weekend!

  4. Marina

    23.09.2010 at 23:18

    I always compare my meals to what other girls are eating, and I always think how I eat much more. I mean, why don’t people eat breakfast, or snacks, how can they function that way.
    But that isn’t healthy.
    And you know what? We only see that we eat more because our perception is altered, just like we don’t see the thinness in the mirror.

    • Albizia

      24.09.2010 at 20:22

      I also tend to compare too much but it is stupid because we all have individual needs based on our lifestyle. I don’t think a girl who skips breakfast can do my workout.
      On the other hand, you are right about the wrong assessment we often make of things. Sometimes things really aren’t the way we see them.

  5. dmcgirl37

    28.09.2010 at 23:06

    gosh, why would that girl say that about your sandwich! It’s actually the perfect thing for breakfast in my opinion! I need to pick up some nutella!

    Dana xo

    • Albizia

      29.09.2010 at 7:31

      The one who wrote it on facebook was actually a boy. Go figure. And then a bunch of girls expressed the same concerns. But it really makes a perfect breakfast :) .

  6. spoonfulofsugarfree

    16.10.2010 at 1:41

    Hey I just ran across your blog-its neat! I like it.

    I totally agree with everything you say! People these days are crazy–why can’t we just feel good? Nope-we HAVE to look good.

    • Albizia

      17.10.2010 at 8:53

      Thanks for stopping by. I am happy to know that more people think this way.


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